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Join us in the fight against hair loss

19th December 2018

Become part of our network of hair & beauty professionals who care. From salon owners to hair stylists and everything in between – we want you to work with us to offer support and guidance to hair loss sufferers around the UK....

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Tips for Healthy Hair and Scalp During Winter

5th December 2018

Winter can be harsh on your hair and scalp. In this article, we share our tips for keeping your hair and scalp healthy during winter....

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How To Reduce Further Hair Loss

20th November 2018

Noticing hair loss can be discouraging, but there are steps you can take to try and avoid it further. In this article, we recommend tips for stopping hair loss in its tracks. Give them a try, you might find they work for you....

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Common Hair Loss Myths: True or False?

8th November 2018

When it comes to hair loss, there are countless myths and rumours surrounding its cause. In this article, we debunk misconceptions and uncover the truth surrounding the cause of hair loss....

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Female Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

29th October 2018

Women can lose their hair for numerous reasons, some of which can be temporary and some permanent. In this article, we uncover the most common hair loss causes in women and discuss the treatments that are available to you....

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Male Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments

18th October 2018

Losing hair isn’t always something to be worried about, however, it can ruin your confidence. In this article, we uncover common hair loss causes in men and discuss the treatments available in 2018....

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