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The Journey

Greetings fellow hair loss sufferers! There is a solution out there!

Please let me share with you my story …

The route to my eventual hair transplant (1,700 grafts) in January 2017 was not a smooth one. I had become increasingly concerned about my receding hairline in the years previous, which is par for the course on both sides of my family (thanks Dad!) and then finally I decided to do something!

In January 2016 I met with a good friend who had a hair transplant procedure 12 months previously. His results were spectacular, and I immediately quizzed him on what he could have possibly had done to have such an effect!

The results for each transplant patient will vary but I was very keen to know more so in March 2016 I went for an initial consultation with the same surgeon my friend had used to get his professional opinion.

His advice was for me to have an FUT procedure to restore my hairline to the front of my head and give the appearance of much thicker hair.

Now, for a person like me with a low threshold of pain, I was not looking forward to the procedure despite my surgeon’s insistence that it is quite bearable (which it is!)

My initial booking was for October 2016, but I got cold feet the night before and cancelled at short notice. I eventually rebooked had my procedure in January 2017 and from the moment I arrived, to the moment I left I felt in the very best possible care.

With my surgeon and the help of their brilliant technical team the day went by so quickly.

18 months on and I am absolutely delighted with the results which you can see on the “Before and After” page on this site along with the after care provided by the transplant team.

I have set up New Hair New You to educate people on hair transplant procedures and to introduce patients to the same team that worked miracles on my own hair line because I am so passionate about the positive outcome it has had on my confidence and appearance.

Please do get in touch by filling out the form below and one of our team will answer all your initial questions before booking you in for a free consultation with one of our partner surgeons to see whether a procedure is right for you too.

I and the team look forward to being of service to you!



Steven Bates

Managing Director

New Hair New You Ltd

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